Poor sleep quality

Poor sleep quality refers to sleep that is not restful or restorative. People with poor sleep quality may have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up multiple times during the night. This can leave them feeling tired, groggy and irritable the next day.
Common signs of poor sleep quality include:

There are many potential causes of poor sleep quality, including:

Over time, chronic poor sleep takes a major toll both physically and mentally. Studies show it's linked to an increased risk of diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression. It can also cause daytime fatigue, trouble concentrating, and impaired memory and learning.

The good news? Several lifestyle measures can help optimize sleep quality:

If self-help tips don't do enough, consult a sleep specialist. They can uncover any underlying issues, provide cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, recommend adjustments to medications, or fitting for devices like CPAP machines.

For instance, here at Hormone Harmony Clinic, we take a comprehensive, integrative approach to improving sleep by addressing hormone imbalances that could interfere with restful sleep. Our expert physicians provide cutting-edge testing and create customized treatment plans featuring bioidentical hormone therapy when appropriate.

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