Decreased muscle mass

What is decreased muscle mass?

Loss of muscle mass, also known as muscle atrophy, occurs when muscle fibers shrink and the muscles become weaker. This leads to loss of strength, reduced endurance, and decreased physical function.

There are two main causes of decreased muscle mass:

Decreased muscle mass can seriously impact quality of life. Daily tasks become more challenging, risk of falls and fractures rises, and it often signals declining health.

The good news? Targeted exercise and proper nutrition can help rebuild and maintain muscle even into old age. The expert physicians at Hormone Harmony Clinic specialize in customized hormone replacement therapy to help both men and women preserve lean muscle, boost energy, and retain youthfulness. Their individualized treatment plans utilize bioidentical hormones to safely and effectively combat age-related muscle loss.

Here are some key signs that you may be losing muscle mass:

Don't just chalk it up to getting older! Make an appointment with the caring medical team at Hormone Harmony Clinic today. They will fully assess your hormone levels and create a personalized plan to help you feel strong, energetic, and healthy at any age.

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